Saturday, January 3, 2009

Handmade from the heart....

I know Christmas is over but I wanted to show you some of my favorite gifts we gave this year.

The kids helped me make these cute little personlized boxes for their cousins, then we made cookies and filled the boxes with them.

We used stuff we already had.... scrapbooking papers, stickers etc, paint and old buttons and bottlecaps ( I collect those and this is the first craft I have used them on! )

the kids had so much fun creating these and were really proud of how they turned out!

We also made two altered picture frames for big sis.... she LOVED them! The hoodies the boys have on were her gifts to them this year which made the picture extra special too. These are big frames ( 14x18 ) so the finished effect when on the wall is dramatic! I love how they turned out and it cost me literally a few dollars worth of scrapbooking papers and stickers and I used old frames I already had.

I am going to try to do more gifts like these from now on.... it felt special to give something the kids created!

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Hi Donna:
You are branching out with all your talents and I know from experience that kids love making gifts for loved ones.
You are teaching them the value of creating things.
They will remember these days as happy memories of growing up with a talented Mom who shared her talents with them.

Blessings to you and family