Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas memories.....

We had a wonderful Christmas! I am going to do a short photo blog of how Christmas day here went.... Our beautiful tree ... Santa came to our house! The calm before the unwrapping storm.

Taylor with her favorite gift... a huge box full of envelopes of MONEY!

Reid got lots of Bengals stuff!

Lance is shocked at his gift..... his old highschool football games on dvd!

Evan got hunting stuff... traps, calls, binoculars etc. He is in hunting heaven.

Brady says... more clothes?

Ok..these clothes are COOL - they all have their favorite team and got the qb jerseys!

Give the teens money.... it's what they really want!

Later in the day all our cousins came over.

The girls went sledding... even though it was only about 15 degrees out. Brrrrrrrr

We opened MORE presents.... Brady looks tired? Not Reid.... bring on some more!

We played You Might Be A Redneck, and Scrabble, and Golf ( the card game)

And this is after the unwrapping ..... um where did everyone go? Anyone want to help clean up?

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Hey Donna:
I remember those days of .. not clothes again..
but they loved them.
Your family looks so happy and I love seeing happy families..
Wishing you the happiest new year ever !!
Your friend,