Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting over....

A few months ago we lost our dog... she had started "going to town" about 2 miles from home. We got calls to come pick her up numerous times. We tried putting her in a kennel. She dug out. We put the kennel on cement. She climbed out. We put a roof on the kennel. She unwired the fasenings on the gate and got out. Yes, she was a very smart dog. So we gave up. And most days she stayed home, and about once a week she would "go to town". I didn't want to have a farm dog that was locked up or on a chain it's whole life. But I worried. And one day she didn't come back home and no one called. We put up signs, we called the radio stations, and no one had seen our beloved dog. It is now 2 months later and we have all been mourning her since. For the last few weeks I have been checking out to just "look" at the aussie puppies. Today I found my puppy. And we called and put down a deposit and soon he will be coming home to live with us ( the kids can not wait)

Last weekend we went to the movie Maddy and Me - wow what a heart wrenching movie - especially for a family like us who lost their dog a few months earlier. If you do go see it, bring tissues ( as in the whole box )

Meet our new start ( who better never learn there is a town 2 miles from here ) Bizkit ( we think this will be his permanent name... it is still under debate... with 7 opinions it is hard to come to a conclusion without a bit of bartering!)


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Donna, BizKit is adorable. He might not wonder off if you get him another dog to play with. We lost our dog Pluto after the storm and now our other dog Gypsy looks so sad all the time. Wonder what husband would think of another dog.


oh, I'm so sad for you all for losing your Austrailian Shepherd dog..
Our daughter Deb and family have small shepherd dog ( can't remember the breed) but she's from a herder breed too.. She is 14years old and never ran away before until just recently..She ran away through the wooded area beyond their property. She would usually just lay in the back yard and watch everything going on and never attempt to go outside the yard.. One day she was outside and they weren't concerned about her for she never left the yard... but that day she did. Deb got a phone call later and some very kind animal lovers had seen her on the road and picked her up , looked on her dogtag and called the vet.. He gave them Deb's number and they called to say they had "Cookie" .. Vet told them her name.. so they took her home and even stopped at their house and got her a dish of water..
They all just loved her and was so appreciative of the people's kindness..
She tried it again last week but Hannah saw her as she was leaving the yard..
We think she may have alzshimers. She is a beautiful dog.. and so loving.. I almost cried when Deb called and was telling me... I was so anxious to hear the end of the story... She's always been my favorite " Grand dog".

Our Melissa and Juliana are the ones who have a deaf Austrailian Shepherd and they love her so much.

I grieve with you all for the loss of your dog..They are part of the family, too.
Bless you all,

Picket said...

Hello sorry about the loss of you dog...our furbabies are so much a part of our families aren't they? I love that newest member to you family..He is a cutie for sure...thanks so much for coming by and for the sweet comment...hope all is well with you & yours an that you have a great week.

simple country living! said...

Aloha Donna~
Your Bizkit is BEAUTIFUL! Was your other dog an Aussie too? Aussies NEED to be around their humans constantly, have fun & keep him close! We have 10 of them right now, 7 are 6 week old puppies & soooo much fun!

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

Donna ~ I know how it feels to loose one of your family members. We had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever for almost 15 years and she crossed "Rainbow Bridge" last September. My husband was so distraught, she was his best friend and the did everything together. In October, he found a new friend, his name is Cody, go look at the blog and you will new our new "family member" and our dearest Chessie there too!

I have invited many people to join Biz Bodies, I am a member of Shabby Lane Shops and have sent out about 23 invitations, to Shabby Lane and also am a member and sponsor of Friday Flea Market, so sent invites to them too!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, the "Yummy Confections Bakeshop" has an extensive menu!

I am looking forward to all the good things and new friends I make on Biz Bodies (oh, I love the name)!!

Your new puppy is precious!